9 Month of Birth
  • Found a giant Obelisk in the center of the glen
  • Found (and defeated) the Green Dragon who made the Obelisk his lair
  • Met the Raven, who turned out to be a Druid named Deborah
8 Month of Birth
  • Woke up outside of the Goblin caves
  • Found some of the guards with the caravan were in fact wererats, who had killed or driven off the other members of the company!
  • Kept one alive for questioning, and learned of the mysterious Straw Man’s bounty on Rivayn
  • Learned that the caravan was transporting celebration goods, marked with the sigil of the Unseelie Court.
  • Followed a raven into the hills and found a hidden forest glen
  • Attacked by flying zombies
  • Rested in the glen
7 Month of Birth
  • Tracked goblins back to their lair
  • Battle vs goblins
  • Battle vs goblins and direwolf pet
  • Battle vs hobgoblin boss and lackeys
  • Party levels up!
6 Month of Birth
  • Traveled more in the rain
  • Fought, and defeated a pack of goblins who were raiding from the Razor Hills.
5 Month of Birth
4 Month of Birth
3 Month of Birth
  • Fought zombie minions in Cathedral of the Raven Queen
  • Defeated an enormous zombie hulk, and it’s attendant revenants in the ritual circle room at the bottom of catacombs.
  • Party levels up!
2 Month of Birth
1 Month of Birth

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