Leith is a Genasi Swordmage, adventuring with Rivayn Shadowraven, Faux Shyfti,and Cassi.

Gregarious and friendly, Leith is outgoing with a mind to help all those he can manage. He is a bit naive, as he led a mildly sheltered life in the training halls and beaches of Cordance, and had a relatively easy time with his studies and learning. He is nonetheless likable, though headstrong.

A lanky youth, with pale and shimmering grey-violet skin, Leith wears a finely made and well-cut suit of deep red leather armor. His hair is at first glance strikingly white, but closer scrutiny reveals that in truth it sparkles with a fine opalescent shimmer, like liquid spun glass. His eyes, the color of the sky in a gathering storm often glint with a sly chuckle, and he is rarely found without his longsword, a fine blade of glimmering steel, at his hip.

Leith is an initiate in an ancient sect of Swordmages based in Cordance, the island city in the placid heart of the Tempestwrack. His family dwells in Cordance still, His Father and Mother, Mori and Jhae, are the owners of the curiosities and imports shop The Weathered Chest in the Market District. Mori was injured gravely in a pirate raid on the Market’s port when he was a youth. He sustained a wound that eventually led to the loss of his left leg, and the end of his dream of becoming a Swordmagi of the Conclave. Leith entered the Conclave’s service on his 10th birthday, the earliest an initiate can begin their training. Mori hoped that he would grow to fill his empty shoes and carry on the life of adventure that he was denied. The boy took naturally to the practice of Swordmagic. His keen mind buoyed him to notoriety amongst the other apprentices, despite his general lack of physical ability.

He has just set off upon his Journey, his Chief Instructor Dola Bailwoade directing him to the town of Thornbridge to find Gravin Wyrmsbane.


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